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Publish Under Your Own Custom Imprint

Who should sign up?

Publisher Accounts are for professionals that are technology savvy and either have an existing publishing business or are prepared to start their own publishing business. You will be expected to set-up your new account as a publishing imprint business using our online platform. Our software handles writing, collaborating, editing, template design, publishing, printing, distribution and eCommerce. With the Publisher Account, our system will allow you to have your own Imprint information and logo on the book and cover, as well as your own ISBN and metadata.

Why should I sign up?

You will receive all the services we provide to our Independent Start Writing Authors, plus your own imprint name listed with Ingram so that your book will appear under that name on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other 3rd party book selling sites.

How much will my book cost?

The author-cost of the book is determined by the page count and trim size. As a Publisher you only pay the manufacturing cost per book for Author orders.

What will my royalty rate be?

Because you are opting for the Publisher Account, your company will enjoy the maximum royalty payments: 80% Net. Check out our FAQs about royalties for more details.

What marketing is included in the Publisher Account?

Start Writing allows you to customize your User Account Page with your Publishing imprint information and links to your web sites. Every publication also gets it’s own details page, where readers can buy the book. We also provide a “BookBuy” widget so you can place this snippet of code on your blog or website to offer your customers an easy one-click BUY option. These features that are included in your publisher account. We also offer add-ons for Publishers like Custom Book Pages with Social Media Integration, PR Packages and more.

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